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    Vote for most annoying game feature,

    Vote here:
    most annoying feature in the game

    That the watering ! Is next to an axe so you accidently cut down a perfectly good plant.

    That the trash can for the derby tasks is next to the accept button so you hit the wrong one.

    Naming your animal feature flashes on because a dog runs by while you are doing something unrelated.

    * This was a great suggestion from the thread:
    The eggspress train rolling into town immediatly when you look at the town. Please give us 5 minutes.

    Vote, Maybe supercell will do something about it!
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    Naming pets and sanctuary animals. Sorry, but I hate it. A LOT. I wish I could turn this feature off.
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    I HATE that the accept button is next to the trash button... I'm overly cautious when im on the task board. Lol so irritating.

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    After 4 years of playing this game I still don't understand why we need to press 2x for each tree/bush after they have been tended/revived by others. Imagine if you put up 30 for a task. That's 60 clicks and i don't want to think those time I accidentally pressed/used diamonds to speed the growth of the tree/ bush while doing that. Smh

    Also that we need to be there for the townies to get from the train. Ugh so many times I forgot to wait after i picked up from hoodies. Or some got down and when you go back to the town the train 'arrives' again. Also that 'see visitor' function which have been discussed many many times.

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    There’s several but for me the most annoying is the runaway screen when you accidentally click on an animal
    now that they have names. I really hate hate hate that!
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    Thank you for your comments. Feel free to share the link with your Nh and friends. lets get supercell to fix this!

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    Can definitely relate to the trash/take task buttons on the derby board. Did that only yesterday. Trashing lower point tasks, going for 320s only and what did I do? Accepted a 120 point sushi task. Now we’re in 2nd place when we could have been first.

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    I love naming pets and sanctuary animals! But not when I accidentally click on them (twice) it makes my keyboard pops up. I wish we could change this in the advanced setting. Thr setting will be "turn off pets name edit mode"

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    All the above. 😫

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    I don't want my pets name
    Pls do something for task accept button

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