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Thread: Clan Lead - a tool to help chiefs to manage clan

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    Quote Originally Posted by vansimon View Post
    I think the site does look good, and tracked our last war with it, to see how it worked.
    My problem comes with two players, who attacked at war end, but both attacked were over with about 2 mins to go in the war. The site did not track these two attacks and records them as “Not Used”.
    is there an use with last minute attacks? Often attacks are help to then end depending on the outcome, often helping us to chose the best option.
    Is this something you can review and resolve. My clan tag is in the signature below.

    Thanks and keep up the nice work. Good to see people developing tools to improve the game!
    I made some improvements. The war jobs have higher priority, the last minute attacks should not be missed now. As we have 235 clans, we can have at most 235 wars which can be done in 24 seconds. But if more clans are got tracked, there is a chance to miss it.

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    VERY NICE! I'm a developer myself and I like your style, simplicity is my motto as well. IF it's simple, then it doesn't require much to manage either. Complicated Systems scare me away. Keep it up! I'm looking forward to your site growing. If you need a hand I'd be more than happy to give you some suggestions and such.

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    my favorite parts are the CG points tracking, donations, attacks used... makes clan mgmt much easier for me.

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    Nice job OP, looks promising from what Iíve seen havenít check every aspect of it but will do so within the next few days if not after CWL.

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