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Thread: Surprise: You do not really need to start a new clan!

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    Your story is not fictional, Cila. I lived it for about a week when my new th5 first account was a baby base.
    I blasted through the early levels by sheer bloody minded stubbornness as a solo player, but had never joined a clan until then.
    Global chat was it’s usual self (no signs of intelligent life ), and there was no help to be found there, so I started looking through
    the search clans tab. Landed in a random anyone-can-join ghost clan with only two other active players out of 30, with troop requests
    months old still in chat. I would not recommend it as a good introduction to the game.
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    Players put off by dead or dubious clans ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Cilakila View Post
    I think most players need to be put out of trying.

    Yay! Found a new spot to put my soapbox. .......

    th6 xxbeastmodexx is excited about his new clan, and he is blasting global for recruits. He offers non stop donates perhaps (profile says he has donated 39 lifetime) because he saw someone else claim that. Free co perhaps.

    His recruits.

    John Cena - a camper. John joins, but never speaks and despite having 7 attacks this season as a th8 NEVER checks in to clash EVER again.

    KingofClash, KingClash, ClashKing, SavageKing, SavageBeast, King Beast, GamerGurl (not a girl), Savage, BeastClash, Kingofking, Pekka, PEKKA, P.E.K.K.A., Bestclasher, Your mom, Deez Nutz, Captian Amerca, God, and WaffleTrout all join and hop away.......

    Are these players fictional? As I feel I know them all - excellent post.

    Despite laughing through the tears; OP has made a good point, recruiting reliable clan mates is getting harder and like any team we need players to come up through the ranks and not get dispirited.
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    I think there is another view being missed..

    After my little account was kicked from a level 2 clan for refusing to answer if I was male or female, I started my own clan and put my 3 accounts in it. (Th5, th9 and th11)

    (I refuse to answer a question that has absolutely no bearing on game play, nor is it anyone's business.)

    I don't advertise or recruit. It is a clan for me and mine, to do and play as I wish.

    So, starting a new clan is a good thing sometimes.

    Just another perspective..

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