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Thread: New Derby ... same problem :-(

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    Thumbs up New Derby ... same problem :-(

    I've finished 1 train task 320 points ... It's alright except that I'm blocked with a second 320 train task (never appeared on board) "expired" ???? ... You know that Train task expire only at the end of the derby ... Isn't so ???

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    Yes! I had this with a 320 fishing task. I completed it, but I came up as a trashed/expired task. Have contacted support several,times in game, but now they ar not replying. I am so disgusted and disappointed in Supercell!

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    This is happening on my husband's farm right now with a cornucopia task. The task was completed, the points awarded, but now it won't let him choose a new task. The derby board is in confusion, with what was the completed task showing as expired.
    Ok, so now he has trashed the task, and the task log is showing 6 completed tasks, 1 with a garbage can next to it, and 1 with a red X next to it. It also shows that 2/8 tasks are available.
    So, trashing the malfunctioning task didn't seem to use up an available task in this case.
    He is playing on a Fire 10HD.

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    I lost rewards from the Derby last week because of the errors Supercell's end and I’m not happy. Not that it will make a difference to them, but I have told them I will not be purchasing anymore diamonds from them until I get some kind of response. If a business wishes to treat their paying customers this way, I will respond the only way I can, by not giving them any ore of my money.

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    One of my townies has just had a task show up and trashed while she was doing it and not on the board.
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