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Thread: Level 48 but serious, helpful and active player !

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    Level 48 but serious, helpful and active player !

    I'm looking for a Hood that help more than take. A serious hood that does all task 315+ 9x task while not forcing you to do a 10th. I am an adult age 20. I love this game I'm very helpful and serious derby player no slacking with me!

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    Come check out Horseshoe Haven! We are a champions league, derby focused hood! Very helpful and friendly! We do 9/9 tasks at 310+ points. 10th task optional! Hope to see you soon!!!

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    Dairy Delights!

    Derby (only gold trophies so far too!)
    We would like all 9 tasks completed at 310+ points. Extra task is not required because we know diamonds can be precious. However, we understand that life comes first and you’re more than welcome to opt out if you think you’ll be too busy!

    Our hood consists of several avid traders, which, I myself, have traded with many of them and often, and they have always been quick, smooth, successful trades. Say you want to expand your silo, but have extra nails, but low on screws? Whip up a quick post in the trades section of our discord and there may be someone interested in swapping items.

    We use discord, which is either a website or a free mobile app. It is super easy to download and use. We have different channels in the discord, such as general chat, derby discussion, marketplace, and trading.

    The Donation Birdhouse
    We are currently using the request feature for only crops, so that we can all work on getting our generous neighbor achievement.

    Biweekly Giveaways
    Using our discord, we do a giveaway every two weeks run by one of the hood owners. To enter, it is as simple as clicking one button and it is randomized, therefore everyone has an equal chance. The prize is usually 5 of a predetermined expansion material, but it can vary.

    Level requirement: 40
    Logo: Beige cow against a yellow flower
    Tag: PPL9JGLP
    Discord link:

    Please let me know if you have any questions!!
    The Pink Paradiso
    Level: 119 Barn: 7,100 Silo: 3,100

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    New Members Welcome at East Texas Ranches #9V29RUJQ

    We would love to have you join our group. We are a new neighborhood but have been playing a while. We have great team work and communication.Come check us out!!

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    Join Us Bean's Green

    Please read our Rec. Ad first before joining for Derby rules

    PM me if you interested to joining our NH
    you can also contact me in our FB Page HD-Bean's Green
    Bean's Green
    tag: #8LLCPURP

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    Hey friend! My hood is looking for more active players, and also more active derby players. The hood is very helpful and giving when needed! This is all we ask from everyone is,:
    -Be respectful and kind to each other
    -Request and donate daily!
    -Opt out if you do not have time for derby (need full participation)
    -HAVE FUN! 😁

    Hood name: Fairy Tail

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