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Thread: Need ideas for collecting coins

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    Need ideas for collecting coins

    Hey peeps.I'm not new here,but still i left the farm for a year and booted in again.Though im in level 58, I'm lagging in upgrading silo and barn and expanding lands.Because i use those stuffs to make coins.Because i have to buy coops,buildings,bushes and trees.Now is that i need suggestion to make money without selling upgrading and expanding stuffs cos i really need them to be used for their purposes.any ideas to make money easily??

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    Stop doing boats, trucks and town. Sell everything that you make on your roadside stall. You’ll soon find out which items sell best.
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    I've only just started playing Hayday but I've found (and noticed) that the easiest way to make money is buy planting the trees/bushes and selling the corresponding crops. I am making a nice little amount from these.

    Obviously bit of a pain at lower lvls because you eventually need to chop them down after they've been replenished but as long as you only plant a manageable amount, your farm will remain neat and tidy.

    You can also use tom to collect some saws/axes if the mess gets bad.

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    Set a goal for yourself, one that is attainable, such as 500K in coin. Then work on making and selling everything EXCEPT your expansion materials. As Connemara suggested, stop doing boats, trucks, town and farm visitors. Although if there is a double coin event you may want to join in.

    Damiz’ tip of buying and selling fruit trees and bushes is a tried and true method as well. Planting soybeans and selling at full price in the RSS has also helped many farmers to make coin quickly.

    Once you have caught up with the production machines and animals you can have for your level, and have a nice cushion of coin you will start to enjoy the game even more.
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    Hi there, you can also find few more great suggestions in this thread:

    Hope it helps!

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