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Thread: Need an 8.5 DE farming base

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    Need an 8.5 DE farming base

    I can't seem to find a decent base that has what I need. I just upgraded to th9 and only put a few new things down.

    Air defense 4x
    Archer Tower 5x
    Canon 5x
    Wizard Tower 3x
    Teslas 4x
    Walls 250x
    All traps

    Thanks in advance!

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    Problem is you're basically a fancy TH8, assuming you maxed TH8, getting hit by full-blown TH9's and you don't even have all the defenses available at TH9.

    Your main mission is to drop trophies way down, farm dead TH9's quickly, and get as much done as fast as possible because out farming the losses you take is going to be the only way you'll get anything done.

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    The best defense is spending your loot as fast as you can, they can't raid what you've already spent.

    Aside from that anyone who really wants to faceroll your base can do so at will. In short, just out raid your loses.

    I did find spreading the loot all around the base used to help in not giving up 100% of the loot all of the time, but that's just common sense.

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