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Thread: How do you war with clanmates of different countries?

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    How do you war with clanmates of different countries?

    Have a good day everyone.

    I wanted to know that how you guys handle people from other timezones or countries during war?

    Isn't it tough?
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    at your base.
    Quote Originally Posted by Montapegenesis View Post
    Have a good day everyone.

    I wanted to know that how you guys handle people from other timezones or countries during war?

    Isn't it tough?
    Assign targets to everyone.
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    It's not that easy to war with Eastern people while I am a South Asian. Sometimes,the war starts when it is 4 or 5 am for me. However,sometimes they start war in their night time and it is morning for me. As we have more Eastern people than Asian,the war starts in Eastern time

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    Our wars start around 8 pm CST, We dont really care where someone is from, but as long as they can hit when needed. For example if you are a TH9, we need you to hit in the first few hours of war day, for lower th10's same thing. But if you are the top of the map, you need to be available in the lest 4 hours or war.

    it all comes down to availability when your attacks are best used, TBH no real need for a brand new TH9 not being able to hit till the war is 10 hours old.

    ps, we run th9-12 wars.
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    War day runs for 24 hours, so time zone isn’t so big of an issue provided there is a plan that the clan follows together and all know their place in the plan and will do that reliably. One option is like helldestroyer suggests, assigned targets. A more flexible casual plan when all a similar size bases is to say weaker attacks must use both attacks earlier in the war while some of the strongest attackers hold back to near the end of the war, or when warring with mixed th levels to say all the lower th levels need to do both attacks earlier while some at the top of the map hold back.
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    I'm a member of an international clan. We have hitters from Europe, India, Australia, US Eastern and Western so pretty much the entire globe. Now we aren't no CWL clan and are definitely not crazy good in our win streaks but our wars do go fairly well. What works for us might not work for everyone but here is a brief outline.

    1. War plans are sent out before war starts
    2. We assign target group ranges so that hitters know rough areas to focus on i.e. TH10s 1-3 TH9s 4-10. This is based on our knowledge of hitters and known base levels.
    3. We try to start war that favours our anchor as they will typically be the last to hit
    4. We strongly suggest hitters choose a target they are confident 3 starring on their first hit. Then their second hit they choose. however if they fail on their first hit we encourage them to hit down low enough to secure they 3 star
    5. Often at the half way stage of war we might send out a new war plan after we have seen how the early hitters have gone
    6. We give people changes but if they continue to ignore the plans, or don't do what's needed to get the war win they get kicked
    7. We expect everyone to hit or at least show up in chat so we know they are active
    8. Expect for our top few hitters we encourage everyone to hit back to back i.e. don't do one hit then hold for 12hours
    9. We have a few dedicated scouters and also hitters at each town hall levels that are prepared to dip if needed
    10. We learn our hitters general hit patterns so try to work with it and plan our hits accordingly. Alot of people are creatures of habit.

    Essentially we understand that people can't necessarily hit in the first few hours or last etc because of timezones and because we are an international clan. So because of that we have steered away from the must hit early approach and tried to encourage hitting as early as possible but also pride in winning wars. It's not easy and a constant struggle but sometimes we find a happy medium.

    War is a team effort in our clan and more often than not we need all our hitters to win.

    Good luck finding something that works for you.
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