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Thread: Help please

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    Help please


    i link my farm lvl 46 on SPC ID, but i problably do something wrong.
    Now when i open the farm appears lvl 3.
    If try open the farm by facebook it say : farm lvl 46 founded. conect by SPC ID

    What i m doing wrong? Can i remove link to SPC ID?
    Thanks all for the help

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    Try contact support via Forum they say can do nothing, to go on lvl 3 and contact HD
    PS #2
    contact game directly on the farm , the answer was "see the video" how to conect SPC ID, as always they fix and help a lot right.

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    First of all, thank you for giving us relevant details about your situation. Please answer the two questions below and I'll assess how we go from here.

    1. Are you playing on an Android or iOS device?

    2. You registered your level 46 farm with Supercell ID. Did you check your email account to see if Supercell sent you the 6 digit code?
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