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Thread: Optimised derby strategy

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    Optimised bingo derby strategy

    Hello everyone. I just thought of a new bingo derby strategy I would like to share with you. I haven’t seen it before anyways.

    My hood and I started this derby with a basic strategy that led us to 3 full lines last bingo derby. Unfortunately we are once again struggling with a production task (honey tea) that is not likely to show up a lot. We were lucky last time but our hope for this derby is small!

    I have seen two different ways of using the board to obtain a tripple bingo, and I was inspired by the game sudoku to combine these two strategies. Picture posted below. I really wish I thought of this before we started completing certain tasks, but we’ll just have to do it the next time.

    You can rearrange this strategy as you like in order to avoid annoying production tasks on the outer sides of the bingo board. This is not always possible, but you can definitely get to take advantage of almost all of the board leaving you with two different triggers for a tripple bingo.

    I found a picture of a plain board on google to demonstrate. You should complete all the checked squares and leave the crossed ones be. The circled squares indicate the triggers. In this case you should complete 3 train tasks and 4 boat tasks and once all the checked tasks are done you can trigger a tripple bingo with either one of these tasks. Or even better, trigger the first one possible.

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    Yeah but you can flip the board and do same with other squares too. It just depends on which corner you want to be a trigger and adjust accordingly.
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    That’s exactly what we have been doing this week, although it happened mostly by accident rather than strategic planning Just a few hours ago we got to the point where we had all the tasks we needed to finish one of our options, so now our second “trigger” has turned into another “don’t touch” area.

    Great graphic way to present the strategy! I’m sure that many players will be beyond grateful! Thank you
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    Your grid is a good way of communicating strategy to your hood I like that you managed to find two potential solutions to your three lines, not something I’ve ever really seen in one of our bingo boards.

    If your trigger tasks are those that appear frequently, you need a lot of hood discipline to avoid the final one being taken early - especially if it’s one with a time limit. The larger the hood, the more of each task you need, and the harder it is to ensure that discipline lasts till bingo is done. Factors for any leader to consider
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    Thank you very much Rackoo! I am glad to hear you have taken great advantage of your board!

    sierramike: in my post I also stated that this strategy can be rearranged. The trigger doesn’t have to be in the corner of the board

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    mdcfc: actually we can’t use this strategy this week as we already chose a strategy involving a production task. Using this strategy we would need 2 production tasks for both triggers, so it’s almost the same trouble. Last time we needed 9 of each tasks done and actually got our 9th honey toast tasks right before the derby ended and made it.

    This week our trigger is a truck task and a hood member took it as her last task and wanted to hold on to it until the end of the derby. She forgot they have a time span on 1 day and 8 hours. So I agree about the discipline. We will just have to let that task expire and lose the points because we still need 4 out of 6 honey tea tasks.
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    Moo, I feel your pain. Good luck to you.

    I would love to see the next town/farm feature be a good old fashioned stockade, with the ability to put a player's avatar in the face position! Maybe farm visitors could walk by and throw tomatoes!

    Best of luck, and thanks for sharing your idea.

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