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Thread: No war match

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingAroth View Post
    It was not luck because for the last 4 wars I had to resort to all TH8 war roster. The lucky search is when I had one TH9 and nine TH8s. I tried the one TH9 and nine Th8's and it has not worked causing very long searches.

    As for engineered clans, I even had match ups with engineering clans even with a non-rushed non-engineered roster. The opponent would have a low defense TH9+ in the lower part of their roster. Then again I got matched up with engineered clans when I had 1 th5, 3 TH7's and 5 TH8's and one TH9 or 6 TH8's. So how many TH levels you have does really matter including how many are rushed in your war roster but is it not a guarantee always to get a match up that will be fair or perfect.
    No, i dont suppose it was luck that your 8s matched. It is popular size, but since I dont programme, I cant say for definite. But I agree.
    Down side to all one hall, except top hall, is that all your weights will be similar, so is open to oppo having a low def weight base higher in offence than you. Base design is the only option to counter that scenario.
    Hall sizes/total spread.. I shrug. Whatever suits your set up/play style is good. If it aint working, then change it.
    So far as the engineered oppo, i dont worry too much. Unless its carrying th11 troops, and warden/heroes, I dismiss it as rushed. We can try to defend, and can hit back. It is unlikely to be bigger in both off and def.
    All in all, it appears to be how one surveys the results of war spins, as to how fair, or rotten a war is.
    Maybe my rushed base, is another mans version of engineered purgatory

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    I just spun up a 15v15 war had a sudden influx of new members nobody rushed in roster. So 3 Th9's, 11 TH8's and One TH7 and almost instantly I get a match up. So all one Town Hall Level or 3x Town Hall Levels results in quick searches. Anything else it takes forever for my clan.

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