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    What just happened? clan games starts and i am experiencing 1-5 min clouds in CRYSTAL???


    i dont have shield and am looking to attack... clouds... up to 5 min? are you kidding?

    next account. it has shield. attack... instant base.. next... instant base. NO clouds what so ever

    switch to another account. i have shield. NO clouds when nexting.

    switch to another account that has no shield. 1-5 min between NEXTING..

    so i attack with my account that has shield. NO issues. attack again to get rid of all my shield no issues. guard is gone. let me attack now. YES SIR. clouds are there. WHAT????!!!!!

    this is NO coincidence. why is SC doing this? giving bases with shield priority when attacking? why? i dont have shield. i would finish my attack and then be in the queue for others to attack my base. now i am waiting forever to attack. seriously at crystal there are clouds now all because I dont have shield?

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    We have players in Silver and up, TH9 and up, all experiencing issues. I am about to drop my first challenge because I cannot get an opponent in the given hour.
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    30min in titan1 and could not find a match. So I canít play , canít lower my trophies either 😡

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    error 404
    YUP masters got clouds
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    Ok thank you

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    MASTERS stuck in clouds

    MASTERS stuck in clouds

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    Yep... I'm in masters II ... been clouding for ~30min. Still no base to hit. Lovely.

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    Yes, in Masters 2 on main TH11 acct. 25 mins in on a 1 hr CG challenge & didnt get 1 match. All clouds. Had to cancel.

    This happened a little the last few CG’s. But if you canceled the search after 30 secs & tried again, you’d usually match right away. That’s not working this time. I ran it for over 15 mins straight after varying the time limit before finally before hitting the trash button for this challenge

    I think SC made some changes in their matching software and may have pulled lot of dead bases bc i havent been seeing a lot of TH 10’s with older style layouts & less buildings/barracks not upgraded then the current 10’s can do.

    Some of the SC Staff on here have commented the games are very popular and congestion is to be expected, but i think that is hog wash. The situation has gotten progressively worse recently & i never experienced clouds in any of the earlier games when they were launched...& i cant imagine that fewer people were playing them at that time when books were introduced.

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    Clouds lasting about three minutes for me in Crystal 3. I don't think it's ever been this bad but it usually gets better two or three days later.
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    Lol I got clouds in silver. Hahaha.

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