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Thread: Clashgods (Level 12) clan looking for FWA players.

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    Clashgods (Level 12) clan looking for FWA players.

    We need experienced FWA players and non experienced players

    Future FWA💎

    🔥Lvl 12 Clan🔥
    🛡Clan Tag: #208C0RGY
    🥇In need of TH9, 10 and 11s
    🥇 Maintain Donation Ratio!
    No Hoppers

    🔊English Speaking Clan🔊
    Must show FWA base on entry️
    Do not ask for promotions
    Stress Free Wars
    🔰Only Loons Donation, no DE Troops 💸
    🔰Must Be Doing Clan Games💰

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    Sep 2018
    Hello, Me and my friends would like to join your clan. We are all TH9, two of us are new to TH9 and the other two are Mid level TH9.
    I will send our tags if you want it. Also could you please reduce the trophies required if possible as we are all in lower leagues, farming. Thanks!

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