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Thread: Defence on Spectate and Hero Customisation??

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    Exclamation Defence on Spectate and Hero Customisation??


    1) My first idea that I was hoping Supercell would take into consideration is defending the attacker that you are watching live on your home village. This could just be a single spell or a couple of troops to deploy when you catch someone live. Since watching someone take your look can feel pretty bad and just this feature could be a nice addition to the game?

    2) Nothing that will affect the clash of clans gameplay but just a nice touch. It is the ability to customise your Hero. It's a simple feature but could make players feel that their heroes is different to other players. I was thinking of adding perhaps just shirts during events or hats even. Different type of swords that can be fitting to the clash of clans theme (not sure what it would be) but yeah. These could be purchased in the shop with gems (exclusive ones in events or offers) The ones that are free could be dark elixir or gold. Simple hats and clothing for the hero.

    And possibly the option to name your hero?... <3
    If you have any feedback or questions please comment, just interested in your opinion.

    Thank you for reading this.
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    I don't see how this can happen, given how the algorithm works.

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