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Thread: Input welcomed, odd group happenings, new leader needs advice.

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    Another thing to add is when you leave to make sure you change the old leader back to the “new” leader. I hope things work out for you and the advice you’ve gotten from the rest of the peeps above is pretty great advice. Also, I’d love an update from you once you get all settled in

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    Quote Originally Posted by FourPupsFarms View Post
    Udderly, I thank you again for actually reading all that, LOL. I know you are right, and what I SHOULD do is just go clean, but I HATE to go leaving so many teammates who want to go with me, but if I post the new group name and tag#, they can come and so can the crazy. If I say what I suspect in this group I myself could come across as nuts, and there is a chance I am wrong. Who knew a game like this could cause such headaches. I'm so torn. Thanks again. Happy farming.
    Boot crazy and all her farms first. Then you can post new info safely, and those who wish to stay don’t have to deal with the greedy drama queen. Happy Farming 😊

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    Ah... the joys and responsibilities of being a leader in a game.

    Sounds like you are dealing with someone immature - whether it be by age or personality. Either way, a greedy player makes the game non-enjoyable for others. Of course, the decision is difficult because you are also dealing with what appears to be a very active member. But, when in the position you are, it's about the Hood as a whole.

    If you think the player has a small farm still within the group, try to continue to identify the baby farms and their owners. Watch for the same behavior as you have been doing, RSS raiding and even typing. Eventually, they will slip up forgetting they are signed into their baby farm and not their main farm.

    Starting up your own NH can be tough - especially as you have mentioned you don't seem to have many on board. Other than the dealing with the one selfish person, what is making you want to start a new NH from scratch and not build off what you have?

    My instinct is that when the former leader returns, they will want to keep you in the leadership position. I've been in that situation before with other games...
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    Its simple. First rule is “no drama”. If some one blows up chat after you apologize kick them. Everyone else will see you don’t tolerate it and you will have peace.

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