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Thread: Builder Base Surrender

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    Builder Base Surrender

    Scenario: you start the clock tower boost and you start a builder base battle by dropping all of your troops in one spot... right in front of a big bomb. You score 3% or something like that, then you go and look at your opponents battle. You notice that they are already at 50% with two stars. But they have 30 archers left to deploy. They take the full 3 minutes to deploy their troops. Meanwhile, 3 minutes has already come off of your clock tower.

    It would have been awesome if there was a little button you could click to surrender. A tiny icon of a white flag would show up on opponent’s screen, indicating that, if they want to, they can end the round, knowing full well that they have won, allowing both players to move on to their next round.

    By clicking the surrender button, and clicking ok to confirm, you forfeit your match, no matter what your score was, thus preventing the possibility of baiting your opponent. Surrendering doesn’t end the round, it just gives the opponent the option to move on, if the only thing they are after is a win, and not a clan game goal.


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    The only issue I see to surrendering is your opponent should be able to practice if they want to. You addressed this though so I guess I like your idea. This should be in the builder base forum with the “Idea” prefix, however.

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    I literally just signed up here just now to suggest this! And I agree that when the opponent sees the white flag they should b given the option to finish a he battle or end it there. That way the replay is available for you to view later. I have learned so much that way.

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