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Thread: Mikeís Hay Day QMT

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBlon View Post
    Would any retaliatory fecal strikes fall under executive privilege on grounds of national security?

    Only if the president is the one doing it. A Trump Dump.

    Whats the matter with Orr anyway?

    Iíve been trying to figure that out myself. The only thing I can think of is lead paint as a kid.

    Do you think he was weaned too young, or is he just naturally fixated on animals?

    I think he may have been weaned to old. No kid in kindergarten should be breast feeding. As for his fixation with animals, I think that goes back to him walking in on his father with a bear/pig hybrid.

    What would you like your epitaph to say?

    Here lies someone who didnít have his car keys stolen by a raccoon.

    If you could change one thing about your life right now, what would it be and why?

    Hot blonde wife and a couple of brats running around.

    There were reports of a menacing creature terrorizing neighborhood children last Halloween. Could it have actually been a manbearpig on the loose or just some drooling guy raving about car keys who looks like one?

    It was Manbearpig and his brother looking for the raccoon that stole the brotherís keys.

    Do you think they put anyone with a reindeer pellet paintball startup on some kind of security watch list?

    Shhhhhhh, donít tell anyone about that

    What are the most important qualities for the 26 yr old blonde to have? (Aside from being 26 and blonde)

    Sheís 27 and has 2 very nice qualities.

    Do you think the next SC BB CM will be someone known, or from the community?

    Since it will be me itís onviously someone known in the community. All kidding aside, I donít know if anyone in the community who has the community relations and social media skills they are looking for plus the ability/willingness to move to Finland. If it was a US or UK based job theyíd probably have a lot more people interested.

    If it could happen, who would you nominate for the job besides yourself?

    Thanks for the questions Jack BlonJovi.
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    Thanks for starting this. Time to end. Thanks again for participating. Hope ya enjoyed. Drop down for a V2
    See ya

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