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Thread: Rising Asylum lvl 15 USA based Adult war clan

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    Rising Asylum lvl 15 USA based Adult war clan

    Rising Asylum is a 100% fair play LVL 15 War clan. Recruiting TH9-12. We are also taking clan mergers into us so if you have a small clan group that is open to joining a bigger more stable environment with bigger wars of 20+ come to discord or message me here to talk.

    We are a USA based but internationally friendly clan of adults. All of our members have multiple seasons of competitive league play. Rising Asylum after two seasons of league play is taking a little break and going back casual random spin but with the opportunities to play in competitive league wars for individuals who possess the skills and the want to do so in our alliance clans.

    If competitive play is not your thing no worries as Rising Asylum is taking a break from competitive wars and looking for players who are active and just wanna run randoms,partake in clan games and even Supercell clan league wars.

    We are members of the OG alliance which consists of Knights Templar,Curmudgeon,Edmonton Cold and Rising Asylum.

    We offer many different competitive league opportunities as our alliance members run in the real CWL,NDL, MLCW competitive leagues
    We are currently recruiting minimum requirements of TH12 50/50/25 TH1140/40/5 TH10 30/30. TH 9 20/20. We only accept properly upgrade bases. Meaning balanced nonrushed Townhalls

    Our clan tag is #8RJJ0C0Y
    Discord is required and no in game applications will be accepted
    you can find us at
    We also spin random wars,potluck,arranged & friendly wars.
    We are also always up to taking in small groups or clans who want to merger into a bigger more established environment.
    You can also find us on Twitter @RisingAsylumCOC or @TheRaginCajunRA
    Also our website
    For more info or to apply you can click the discord link to our server where
    myself or my leadership will help you.
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    Daily bump. Don’t miss out on the fun MLCW summer tournament is just starting up. Come show us your skills and get in for a tryout. The right candidates could potentially land a starting roster spot ������

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    Read my original post and come war with the Asylum family. If your a active player looking to grow beyond the random spin game and step into big wars against well known clans in the community come check us out. We also do clan games and the new SCCWL in our feeder clan. See you soon

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    Come join our Asylum family we have something for every type of player with balanced bases

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    Read my original post and come have some fun with us. We have 4 clans and plenty people to meet. Plenty of opportunities to have a great time meet great people and smash some bases. Happy clashing hope to see you in discord to join us

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    Come join the OG alliance and be apart of a great well established clan family. We look forward to talking with you about joining us. Discord is the best way to contact me @The Ragin Cajun #7833 but I check here every day or so.

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    Daily bump you guys read the OP and come check us out. Fun friendly environment. Looking for random warriors as well as people looking to try competitive wars. Something for everyone including clan games and sccwl

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    Daily bump come give us a look and join the fun. Hit me up in discord

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