We are a level 13 clan looking for people who actively play clan games. We have a solid 9 players who max out, and some who just dabble. It puts us very close to maxing out as a clan. Looking for the 3 or 4 players who will get us there... top level loot. Rune of elixir anyone?
Our clan chat is generally pretty quiet, but members are willing to chat, and we're good with donations. Level 13 Clan perks assure you of receiving upper level troop donations, and a nice refund on any donations you may make. Extra treasury storage too. For those who like war, its also an option and you will be integrated in, if you'd like, as you build rapport with the clan.
Come see us and help improve our clan@

Wrecked Academy #2G9RPRUV

Good Buddy Tom #9LY29UYG