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    Congratulations on finding each other, ilovehayday and bak

    I have heard some truly wonderful stories out of Finland, but this takes the cake... amazing

    (I saw the farm name change, BTW)

    looks like you have great socks together

    I hope you can clear your barriers soon and continue your amazing journey... all the best!

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    So nice to hear such happy news, wishing you both much happiness.

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    What a sweet story! So sad that a visa is keeping you apart. I hope it is resolved soon. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness! Thanks for sharing.

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    ...and I can't look away
    Thank you everyone, you're all so kind.
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    This is such a wonderful story and I’m so glad you shared it with us all. I hope the best for you both and congratulations to you both for finding one another

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    How lovely! Best wishes to you both!

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    Awesome to read such a good news story, many congrats to you both.

    Love via Hayday alone isn’t impossible, I have 5 couples in my hood right now, but way back when we started 4 years ago, we played Cupid. We had a young man and a young lady both from the same town in Texas. After some prompting and teasing from the hood, they met up for a date and hit it off well. 4 years later, they are married and are parents to a beautiful little girl who is 5 months old now. They don’t have time for Hayday now of course LOL
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    such a sad cake
    Your love story was the cutest thing I ever read!! Congrats you two!

    The nicest thing about the forums is that you get to know some amazing people here.
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    Congratulations on the engagement. I have not been farming much for the last week or so and this afternoon I saw your farm name 💕💕💍👰. Best wishes to you both.

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    Dear I Love Hay Day and Bakunin,

    I am happy for you both. Wishing you all the best.

    -- meonhoc
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