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Thread: Accidently leaving a neighborhood

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    Accidently leaving a neighborhood

    A neighbor's nephew was playing on her hayday and left the neighborhood. She just realized it and came back. Whew! But she's in the derby, well was in. Anyone know what she can do, if anything, to gain back her rewards?

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    I don’t think there is anything she can do after leaving the neighborhood during the derby to be able to get prizes from or help more for the derby that she left in the middle of. If she rejoins before the next one though everything should be back to normal and she will be able to collect prizes and help in the next one.

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    Thanks for your reply silver star. I agree with you.

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    If she joins another hood or rejoins that one she should be able to collect her rewards I believe.

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    no if she joins another hood there is a timer she has to wait for the next derby.

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