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Thread: Never online leader

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toni1963 View Post
    I'm sorry to say, but your clan is DEAD. My advice would be to move to another active clan. There's nothing SC nor anyone can do about this.
    Did you have a look at the war log? ...... dead is different

    And the clan tag looks like someone try often to get it.

    Before OP join, this clan had a quite nice win streak.

    To OP: Forget it!...... SC will not support you to steal a lv. 14 war clan.
    I used to be sarcastic when I was younger ...... Now it turned to solid cynicism.

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    According to clash of stats you only joined 3 months ago 🤔

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    If you are the only one active in your clan, then it is not a clan. It is one lonely guy surrounded by dead accounts.

    But there are dozens of clans looking for an active clasher.

    Your choice is clear. I know what I would choose.
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