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    Quote Originally Posted by GiovaniAlves View Post
    Hello Forum,

    In Developers API on endpoint, we have a object called `Brawlers`. Could you add an image of each Brawler? It would help a lot in development.

    Graciously, Giovani Alves.
    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    As has been pointed out, there is no Brawl Stars presence on this forum. Instead, try here:

    Hay Day level 187 (main farm) - I have seven others!

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    Verification code doesn't come when you want to login in brawl stars

    I created a new supercell account with my main account. I changed it and now I want to log in to my account but I can't because code isn't sent to gmail.

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    When deleted brawl stars?

    Hello, I have a question if you want to remove brawl stars someday or you will never remove it because I want to spend some money on brawl stars and I don't know if it will be wasted. Regards 😉

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    Hi. Brawl Stars isn't hosted on this forum, but if you check out Reddit, you can discuss the game's popularity with other players there. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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    Mein Brawl stars Account wurde aus Sicherheitsgründen gesperrt.


    Mein Brawl stars Account wurde aus Sicherheitsgründen gesperrt und ich weiß nicht was ich tun sollte. ich hab denn Support angeschrieben aber ich kann irgendwie nicht erwähnen, dass mein Account gesperrt wurde. Der automatische Support kommt immer und ich weiß nicht was ich da machen soll. Ich würde mich auf allen möglichen Hilfen freuen

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    Hello, and welcome to the forums,
    Sorry but this forum is in English only, also Brawl Stars has no presence here.
    Please follow the links to Reddit.

    About your account, due to the current situation, support can be very slow to answer.
    You may get more help from Reddit... again.
    Good luck.

    Hallo und willkommen in den Foren,
    Sorry, aber dieses Forum ist nur in Englisch, auch Brawl Stars ist hier nicht präsent.
    Bitte folgen Sie den Links zu Reddit.

    In Bezug auf Ihr Konto kann der Support aufgrund der aktuellen Situation sehr langsam beantwortet werden.
    Möglicherweise erhalten Sie erneut Hilfe von Reddit.
    Viel Glück.

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    Thank you very much PaluEF for your help <3
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    Report bad players in brawl stars

    Can brawl stars add report button or auto reporter to players who's soccer at their own goals and to players who trying to team with other team in duo or 3vs3 and the players who's (suicide) by walking to enemies team and does nothing . These players need to get reported and after confirm the report that they done something bad they gets banned from the game for 24 hours at least , that will make less people doing stupid stuffs .

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    Need help with Supercell Creators

    Hello, I own a Brawl Stars content website (in spanish, with not bad amount of traffic) and I can't join "Supercell Creators" program. I also have a 40k Instagram account (@chillbs_official) but I need Twitch or Youtube to join it. I have contacted spanish brawl stars support but they can't help me.

    Other websites have their own Supercell Code without owning Twitch or Youtube accounts, can any person here help me?

    Thank you in advance .
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