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    A donation only camp that has about 100 housing spaces. Troops that go in this camp can only be donated. Moreover, there should be a separate queue in the barracks that allows you to train troops specifically for the donation camp. This donation queue should work concurrently with the normal queue.

    Allow players to choose troops and spells without having to train them when doing friendly challenges.
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    Suggestion 1 - we can remove the troops we donated wrongly. Just donated a wb to war cc and I have to wait for my clan mate to remove it.

    Suggestion 2 - for some reason, we keep inactive members and some has war option flag in green. I hope co can turn it to red.

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    Fix long village searching. Recently it was so bad that a loading screen told me the game was unable to find any villages to attack...I am only 5350. How was a person that has 6200 on first place able to get there if I can't find any villages?

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    Did anyone suggested clan name change.

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    Something pretty obvious (to me) that I’ve yet to see suggested elsewhere:

    when on the troop donation screen, show the level of troop or spell that will be delivered, not what you actually make for yourself. Players who don’t yet have max troops won’t need to know what the max level is for any particular item — they can just see whether the flames are present. If someone asks for a level 19 whosiwhatsis, look at your donation window and see if your whosiwhatsis for donation is reported at level 19 or better. A surprising number of people aren’t aware of the exact details of clan perks level boosts, but with this change, they wouldn’t need to be. It also eliminates any confusion over does “level 5+ golem” mean someone wants a minimum level 5 golem, or perhaps a level 6 or level 7 depending on which clan I’m in as I read it.

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    Blue skies (urgent)

    And another suggestion: the possibility to change army with the second army trained, but only BEFORE entering a battle. Because there is no point of be able to make 2 armys if you cant change betweem then
    TH12: maxed

    BB 8: maxed

    ​Waiting for new updates

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    Dark elixir for walls too!!!!!!!!!

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    Is this thread even alive yet? I mean this thread was meant for QOL wish-list in last update. So is SC still keeping track of new QOL wish-list here for next update or people are just wasting their time? If SC is not monitoring this thread anymore, I think they should CLOSE this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLandofNod View Post
    Late to the party and will probably get panned for this but:

    My ultimate QOL be a better structure for CWL:

    Instead of max TH12's ruling the roost at the top, it would be nice to have mixed clans at the top, based on skill.

    A forced TH spread per war would solve a lot of issues for a lot of people I have spoken with and for my little corner of the world.

    Lets call my league CWLS
    Same 15v15 each war but with a forced breakdown of 6 TH12s, 5 TH11s and 4 TH10s for the top 3 to 6 leagues or similar. With one league above this where any roster goes which will obviously be 15xth12's. We will call this Titan :-)
    (You could field less 12s and more 11s or less 11s and more 10s but never more than the cap above).

    This would mean that a lot more clans could compete without having all TH12 clans fighting at the top.
    You could also sub in and out your 12s, 11s and 10s because 7 days of wars on the trot is hard work for a lot of people I have spoken with and a fair few in my clan. People need the odd war off but most clans are forced put people in back to back because of the disadvantage they would have if they bench their top th's.

    See then, you would have league positions based largely on skill rather than largely on who has the most TH12's.

    So as you work down the leagues from masters to crystal, the mix of TH's swings towards the lower end of the TH range.

    So, as an example, in crystal, you could have a cap of 2 x 12s, 3 x 11s, 5 x 10s and 5 x 9s.

    The benefit for smaller clans is they can gradually build their roster as they move up the leagues.
    It also means that clans stuck in the middle are not ridiculously outmatched one war and the polar opposite the next.

    I can see this from both sides because my main clan just got knocked out of champs and my mini clan has not lost a war in CWL yet and their opponents are ridiculously underpowered.

    As it stands, with the current CWL, the leagues are not settling down because clans will always be moving up and down dependent on who they draw in their league.

    You can never have a fair match , where skill decides the outcome, with the CWL structure, because of how the clans are put into groups.

    Our mini has a few 11s, few 10s/9.5s, 9s, 8s and 7s... we match mainly 9s with the odd 10 or a 12 at the top. No fun stomping our opponents and most don't even bother to attack us so its certainly no fun for them because they have lost before the first troop is dropped.

    The polar opposite is where our main clan is - we run about 8 or 9 th12s, rest 11s and match 15 th12s every war.

    If you've read this far, sorry for the chapter and verse but I had to type this somewhere!
    Hope to see this applied soon.

    At this point, mixed clan cwl in master 1/champ3 is boring.
    Even if you win in master 1 and get promoted to champ 3 by some chance, you know that you have no chance of competing in champ 3 with 5 th12.

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