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    Add new rule for war establishment, Player can part in war when they purchased all building of current TH, Solution for old engineered base
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    3 weeks already.... still no clue when to expect anything....
    going for a 5 days vacation - hope to see good news when i am back!
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    Change design of
    1. Infernos
    2. Archer tower
    3. Electro dragon

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    Hello, Here my list with what I consider may be better changes:

    1)Trade Building: Buying and selling among our resources, being able to sell gold in exchange for dark elixir for example.

    2)Activate notification when they attack my war base (I like to see my defenses at war)

    3)Siege machine time reduction

    4)Challenges in general chat

    5)Attack my own bases to try and practice

    6)Changing appearance tower of archers

    7)Change appearance inferno tower NVL 6

    8)Create a donation container that can be filled to not modify real army

    9)The streak must be for wars without defeats

    10)Customize armor or weapons with new skills or colors. It would be great, I think the customization would give freshness to the game, let's see a game like Fornite that your profits and success is based largely on the variety of equipment and weapons

    11)Add new heroes but only in war can you choose 3 and create new combos

    I hope some will be taken into account and I apologize for my bad English, I am using a translator. Greetings from Argentina
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    Greedy Treader
    The treader should give the deals by some challenges instead of gems

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    1.Power potion not allowed in war
    2.Training potion should boost cc
    3. Siege machines need to be reduced. Time and cost
    4. Warden should be able to switch from ground to air before hes put down in battle.
    5. Change max inferno look to blue flame at th12. Looks like a th10 inferno now.
    6. Archer tower needs a new look.. they all look similar.
    7. Donate now button needs to be cheaper. More people will use it. Donate golem now is 30 gems when you can just gem it in the barracks for 9 gems.. even if you drop a few troops to do so its still cheaper.
    8. Clan name change. Some clans made along time ago by someone else stop playing now clans are run by new people that were in the clan and the name should be able to change under new management
    9. Clouds shouldnt be so bright. Save battery life
    10. Donate from clouds and see how many are online while in clouds

    Forgot some

    11. Only move things in edit mode.. moved a wall or trap by accident when zooming in/out or moving the map around
    12. Remove all flags so people stop asking for new ones when supercell said they aren't adding more..
    13. Make all special obstacle from the past available in shop.
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    10xp for Siege Machine donation
    Add an achievement pertaining to Siege Machines

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    Change the village guard time:

    Master 1 and below = 30 minutes
    Champions = 1 hour
    Titan = 2 hours
    Legend = 3 hours

    The 4 hours is unnecessary and contributes to the cloud time.

    If someone wants more time, they can spend 10 gems for the 2 hour guard.
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    One change to the CoC clan that will enhance the quality of the game - separate chats for:
    -Leader and Co-leaders chat only
    -Leader, Co-leaders and Elders chat only
    This allows us to not use the third party app - very useful.

    Second chance would be... having the ability to chat someone privately, as long as they are your friends. Though this is not that important, but may be useful at some stage.

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    Long time reader. 1st post.

    prevent war spying. once war starts, block members of clan (or have been in that clan) from joining other clan for spying. Really hate that. This block should stay in place for the duration of entire war.

    +1 on all proposed added features while clouding. In legend league and have spent 6 hrs in clouds today and only gotten 1 match. Would like to brew and donate troops while I am waiting without having to back out of cloud. Speak of the devil, while I type this I got kicked out of cloud for personal break after not getting a match for hours. Really?!?

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