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    1. CC is boosted with the training potion.

    2. If I hit a target and only use 4 troops, let’s say miners, then they are not replaced by what is waiting next in the que. They are replaced by the same troop if they are waiting or being cooked. It’s frustrating when you use a few troops from an army and then you end up with 8 healers in your camp!
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    Maintenance countdown clock on screen (as seen in Boom Beach)

    Ability to change GW mode while regenerating and or before attack starts.

    Enable us to see if those requests are fulfilled or not while cloud surfing, saves dropping out to check.

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    Ability to toggle GW to ground or air when he is recovering.

    Ability to set all heroes to sleep or guard when they are recovering.

    Many times I have had them on guard, perform a raid, and would like them to be sleeping so They’re ready to go when I get back on. Currently, have to set a timer to get on immediately after they wake (all at different times) so they don’t get killed during a raid.

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    Restrictions for co-leaders/elders. (Restriction for kicking out members, accepting requests, starting or cancelling war, editing clan information)

    Private Message from co-leader to a single member. (The member can't reply to prevent mis-use)

    Supercell ID Improvements (We need a confirmation button when clicking the, 'play without supercell ID' button)

    Automated Clan Message when joining the clan (Notifies new members about clan rules and can be used as a welcome message)
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    1.Bring back 'player flooding' into clan again when Anybody can join setting is up.Recruitment from global is tormenting and thus leaders are losing interest of recruitment from global.
    2.which troop my friend is upgrading in his lab 'sign'.
    3.Builder is not needed to remove obstacle.
    4.Setting that will pre prepare lab upgrading one by one exmple if there is enough resources and I am busy,cant log in.I can preset which troop/spell will be gone into next upgration without opening the app.
    5.we dont have to cook real army for friendly challenge attack,we can attack with save army composition any time.In this way people can try various types of combination troops without wasting resources or time.
    6.The most important one-blocking players option from entering into clan for lifetime.
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    ability to block players from sending friend requests or asking to join your clan. lists would need to be visible to players to ensure someone wasnt accidentally added.

    while heroes are healing we should be able to toggle between sleep/guard and ground/air.

    builder base army is only a fraction of the size of main base army, why do we still get 3 mins? reduce to 2 mins. still too many archer attacks taking a full 3 mins.

    siege machine selection should be default.

    main base should have a lock on it. accidentally moving a wall piece creates a nice hole and locks base for fc for 24 hours....

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    Save some replays for long time
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    It'd be great if we could change our global to another region/country.

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    Able to chat to my friend, do friendly war with them, and able to copy layout of a friend from friend list.

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    Friendly challenges with friends and when you’re typing out a clan message you can copy and paste and remove part of the message that isn’t at the very end of the clan message instead of having to hold the backspace, remove that part and retype the rest of it.

    You really have too much time on your hands :smirk:
    Checking empty spaces in signatures again, huh? :smirk:
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