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    -Special packs that include gems

    -Ability to switch the GW from ground to air when he is recovering

    -adjust the order in which your quick train combos automatically train

    -make air sweepers easier to spot

    -boost for cc requests

    -select which loot to remove from your treasury

    -announce maintenance breaks in game
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    Fix the "local" globals, Finnish global introduced in last december. And there hasnt been a word in Finnish since January becouse people just gave up becouse chat is full of players from China and India.

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    A QOL I would like to see implemented is in terms on friendly challenges

    I seperate tab or another army slot under tye quick train menu dedicated to make friendly challenge armies to hit bases no waiting times for the armies and can make adjustments to the army or change it completely to try a different strategy and hit the base again

    I know my clan mates and I will definitely do more friendly challenges if we don't have to wait on armies cooking
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    Probably at work not working clearly. Doh!
    The ability to donate whilst clouding.

    The ability to maybe go back to home base whilst clouding.

    The ability to be able to see who has invited who into clan.

    The ability to block friend requests.

    The ability to choose what resources to remove from CC.

    The ability to send private messages to clan members.

    Elder and Co-Leader separate chat.

    The ability to drop 50-100 trophies on demand without going through the tedious process of dropping them per attack. Trying to drop out of legends is just as much of a pain as watching the clouds...

    Probably more but will let others make some suggestions !
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    Lol here we go...

    please honour the petition and change the appearance of the lvl6 IT and removing the green banner of the AT.

    more themes, we only have the grass theme and the war theme.

    spell check when mailing to clan.

    More emphasis on the builder base.


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    Definitely need a timer on sending friend request to someone maybe one per day to avoid constant spamming someone with request.

    Maybe avoid the red exclamation mark at the experience point when we get a friend request

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    A new troop request for war participants becomes available on clan castle. It can be used only twice per war and when we request through it, a coc notification goes to every clanmates phones such as " PlayerX has requested for war help " . In settings you can turn on or off whether to receive this notification.

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    Old gripe: Find some way to have all units on the screen at the same time during an attack.

    The need to scroll back and forth to units or spells is a big source of dumb mistakes in attacks, and serves to make interesting and complicated attack plans more difficult.

    Many suggestions have been made already.
    - Heroes and clan castle/siege machine could go on a seperate line
    - Unit icons could disappear when there are no more of that type to drop
    - The button size could be scaled to the number of units.

    Especially when playing on a big screen, it would not be a problem to use up some more space for troop icons or to make the troop icons smaller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazelgraze View Post
    Lol here we go...

    more themes, we only have the grass theme and the war theme.

    Wouldn't that needlesly increase the game's size? It looks fine just the way it is.

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    A friend chat!!

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