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Thread: Special Mine day event

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    Exclamation Special Mine day event

    hey supercell

    I have a request for a special boom beach event. could you please make a special cellibratory mine day event.
    during the event you would attack the black guard mine development centre it would be like the megacrab exept you attack bases primarily defended with new mines and buildings that complement the powers of the mines the new types of mines would include.

    fire mines:
    mines that release a small explosion of fire that leaves troops with the burning effect on a flamethrower

    chrono mines:
    mines that remove battle time from the attacker when triggered

    cryo mines:
    similar to cryo bombs but have a smaller freeze radius and only effect the attacking troops

    cluster mines:
    mines that realease three cluster grenades (used by sergant brick) into the air. effective on riflmen and zookas

    air mines:
    mines that release a wave of air pushing surrounding troops int the blast radius away from the centre lighter troops such as riflemen and zookas would be pushed futher than heavier troops such as heavies and tanks.

    volt mines:
    fire a bolt of lightning that hits a troop befor splitng into two bolts and targetting 2 more troops then spliting into four and targeting for troops and so on doing less damage each time until the electricity is dicharged

    invisible mines:
    normal mines that are invisible to the attacker

    glue mines:
    release a puddle of glue when triggered that rapidly reduces the movment speed of troops walking over it.

    doom mines:
    like boom mines exept with a much larger damage output capable of one hitting tanks

    grav mines:
    the oposite of air mines suck troops in the surrounding radius into the centre and holding them there for a few seconds

    sheild mines:
    like Dr Kavans ice sheild ability exept it creates a temporary sheild around defensive buildings when triggered

    D.Amp mines:
    damage amplifiying mines temporaraly increase surrounding buildings damage when triggered

    you would complete stages and recieve rescources as well as special one time use versions of the above mines to deffend your own base with. you could also recieve mine trophies for completing stage milestones.
    please consider implementing my idea. and anybody else is welcome to add their own ideas or feedback for this event.

    P.S could you please add auto correct to this forum
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    Thats a good idea auto correct for the forum pls.
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    THOSE ARE AWESOME MINE IDEAS!!! I would like some (or all actually) to be available in bases. Perhaps if these were to become available for base use, it would have to be a swap out choice. What I mean by this is you can only have 3 types of mines on your base, there would be a cost associated with the swap out (giving another use for resources for the maxed out players), the cost could be random or set depending on the mine type and by random or set I mean what resource and how much to pay for the swap, and then there would be the conversion rate, like 1 fire mine is equal to 2 regular mines or 1 boom mine is equal to 3 cluster mines.

    Amazing idea
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    Idk about the invisible mine but I like it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tank415 View Post
    Idk about the invisible mine but I like it
    Yeah, the invisible mine would be ruled out
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    The invisi mine is too op and would make lower/high level players rage quit

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