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Thread: Army recommendation for fun/trophy?

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    Army recommendation for fun/trophy?

    I don't really need to worry much about farming, builders are busy for a while. I am a bit rushed TH9 however.

    0/210 army camp, lvl 2 barb king, lvl 1 archer queen.
    lvl 5 barb, lvl 4 archer,giant, wall breaker, goblin, wizard. Rest are lvl 1. I got minions, hog rider, and valk in dark barrack but I want to keep gaining DE from raids.

    My spells are lvl 5 lighting, lvl 3 rage/heal, rest lvl 1. I have no dark spell factoy.

    What army composition do you suggest? I just want to win for now until I decide to farm again. I am in 1100 trophy right now.

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    You have low level troops and heroes make sure to keep upgrading them. With your current troops i recommend using drahons and upgrading them but you will need to attack th8s use 10 drags 2 light and rage spell i think you can guarantee one star if you attack th8s and when you upgrade your drags you will be able to easily 3 star th8s and always take cc max loons with you. I hope I was useful.

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