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Thread: Decrease the cost of quick donations

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    Its a nice new feature but the gem cost are excesive. For example, if you want to quick donate a golem it cost you 30 gems but if you cook a golem and finish it at the moment cost you 9 gems. What is the difference, apart from the elixir cost of cooking the troop? Most razonable players prefer to use resources than gems. So I think quick donating a golem should cost 15 gems as much. Or there is another important factor that Im not seeing?
    apart from the cost of doing the unit

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    The gem costs are higher because it doesn't take away your resources when you use Donate Now, but it's still ridiculous because as you said above, it takes 9 gems to train a Golem instantly from the barracks while it takes 30 from DN. Sure you're down some DE, but that's easily raidable. I'd like to see the gem costs of each troop match with how much they'd take to gem instantly from the # of barracks upgraded while also using your resources.
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    I think currently they cost you for Resource + Training Time for each quick donate. But it would be nice if we have option that uses our resources and cost you only for training time of troop. And for those who don't want to use own resource, give them option the way it is currently. I guess most people would like to have this feature, as raiding resource is not that hard. So people want to use own resource, but donate instantly to save training time.

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