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Thread: Nite Era | Level 10 | War | TH10 | International, Independent

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    Nite Era | Level 10 | War | TH10 | International, Independent

    Hey! Thank for checking us out. We are Nite Era, an international clan that speaks English. We believe in having a fun social community along with focused wars. Search us up. we're one of a kind! (#GQ8VV2UQ)

    We just reached level 10! We have very active members that love war and love to hang out in the chat room. Our clan consists of USA-Australia-Canada-Holland-UK, aged 14-early 20's along with a few oldies in their 40's! We win 75% of our wars, and we usually war nonstop. The most donations we've ever hit in a season is 70,000 total. We have also maxed out every clan game.

    We encourage you to participate in wars, clan games, donations and contribute to this great international community! Our active hours are usually after 5PM EST but theres always a few on throughout the day.
    Join the fun!

    Right now, we are recruiting ALL LEVELS. As long as you are not rushed!

    View all of our stats here

    Discord Server

    Thank you for taking the time out of your day to be interested in us! If you are interested in joining then feel free to let us know that you are from Reddit and introduce yourself!
    See you soon
    -Nite Era Clan

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    just here to bump

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