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Thread: We derby but we donít milk pretend goats at 2AM

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    Quiet hood is looking for some new farmers

    We are looking for players who want to join a very small and quiet hood who plays 320/400 point derbyís. However, itís just a game and we donít take it too serious. Which is why we donít expect people to get up in the middle of the night to do farm tasks, that real farmers wouldnít even do.

    Derbyís are an option for you to join or just help out. Depending on our final placement position and if we are willing to spend diamonds for a 10th task. Otherwise, we stay at our final placement. We help each other out a lot and we are trying to grow our hood up from just a few of us to a larger group.
    We all have real jobs and this is a game for fun, not a career choice.

    If this sounds like a good fit for you, then come on over and check us out.

    Language: English only
    Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone
    Level entry: 90
    Champion league
    Farm hood is called ďMaryland Lazy AcresĒ #92C8YQJ8.
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