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Thread: Kicking out TF members

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    Kicking out TF members

    Hi, I'm having some trouble in my TF, its getting full with people that don't play any more this game. I want to kick out of my clan all of those players which don't play any more but I don't know how to check if they still play or not. I know you can check the member stats but that takes a lot of time. I wanted to give an idea for all TF leaders and co leaders. My idea is to add an option that tells the leader/co leader the last day a TF member was connected in the game. That way it will be much more easier to clean the house. Please add this option into the game 🙏 🙏 🙏

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    For me this is not needed, if your not attacking and I check the stats and see that your not getting intel, I kick. I don't see how seeing the last time they were connected to the game should make a difference. Should I give them a break because I see you connect to the game, but don't attack or get little intel vs you don't attack and don't play either? Nah, like I said kick those players and be done with it.
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    You could have someone in your TF that logs on every day but just collects resources and logs off. That person would show up as active based on them logging in but if they donít raid they wonít bring in much intel. If theyíre not hitting ops on top of that you donít need them.

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    Isn’t needed in my TF. Stats is enough

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    It the don't attack and don't have any intel, give them the boot.
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