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Thread: [Recruiting] - Reddit Alpha | TH Any | Warring | Clan Level 16 - 430 wins

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    [Recruiting] - Reddit Alpha | TH Any | Warring | Clan Level 16 - 430 wins

    Reddit Alpha is an adults only clan which currently has spots open. Our members hail from all parts of the world, there is always someone on. We war on a regular schedule three times a week starting at 3pm EST. Mon/Wed/Fri and our donation minimum is 800/monthly cycle. We have no Town Hall restrictions but you do need to be properly developed for whatever your current level is.

    We're a somewhat casual clan (with a very green war record,) a big part of the draw for many in our clan is the social aspect. But we have transitioned away from unreliable war attacks such as gowiwi and gowipe. To aid new members in learning, we have a well established elder base who know the game well and have the troops and generosity with their time and elixir to match.

    Like Clan Games? We've never missed a single reward. We’ve topped out at over 100k on the big ones and that's without any min. point requirement in our clan.

    We have a private sub-reddit and encourage participation in Discord to hang out and discuss war strats. We do expect that members will be opted into war whenever life and hero upgrades aren't in the way. What we won't tolerate is being opted in and failing to use both attacks, even in a losing situation. Such players are left out of future wars or removed from the clan.

    Would you like to know more? Come say hello/ask questions on our Discord -

    Clan Tag #JYVRY0L

    Apply in game. You'll need your real life age (Not your TH level) and the official Reddit password, found here -
    (It's popcorn)

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