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Thread: Tornado- the destination of ultimate war...official recruitment thread

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    Tornado- the destination of ultimate war...official recruitment thread

    Hey guise, welcome to the official recruitment thread of Tornado(#JJRJ0VLV).
    We are a specialist in clan war,and pays attention to manage our Th development in line with our 3 starring abilities. If you want to become a 3 star specialist, you r in right place. Our journey started 2years ago with clan name of tornado...then we marged our clan with another clan named(karbala) ..after a long time as the clan(karbala) grown up to lvl 7 there was some misunderstanding between the members for the leadership.
    Karbala devided into two...and Tornado reborn(#JJRJ0VLV) on 22/11/2017.

    Clan name:- Tornado
    Clan tag:- #JJRJ0VLV
    Clan lvl :- 6
    Location: International

    Benefits: Experienced leaders & co.leaders, active clan mates.Instant donation. Max troops..Lev6 clan . people ready & willing to offer support & advice. Our leaders are very active.
    Back to back clan wars..

    Minimum Requirements: TH8 with lev 3 drags and good “Friend in Need” achievement. Rushed bases with Max troops can apply..

    Interested in joining ?
    Apply in game,and mention “coc hulk7285 "
    In your joining request..
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    Join guise

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