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Thread: Should I max out first

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    Should I max out first

    I made a 2nd account and I'm at TH4. All defenses are max except the walls are lvl 3. My clan castle is max.

    Other than that I can still upgrade the army and resource. lvl 3 camps, balloon needs upgrade, and all collectors,storages are at lvl 7.

    I'm asking this because I am at 750 trophies and I am only getting raided by lvl 5 town halls. And I'm getting matched up with level 5 town halls occasionally.

    My goal is to max out everything in the game as quick as possible. I don't think I am anywhere near rushed, but is it not worth going to the next townhall if not everything is maxed? Or do they at least need to be high level for the particular town hall?

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    IMO it doesnt matter if u rush until th 7 or 8 because thats when the game gets punishing leaving you without without strong troops. I myself have rushed from th3 to th8 and it only took 4 months to recover.

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    What @vmario said. Until you get to th7 or so it really doesn't matter. Once you get to th7, that changes. Quickly.

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    Alright I'll have a fresh th5 by tomorrow.

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    Yeah if you want upgrade your town hall to lvl 5 but don't rush more than that and always when you upgrade your town hall try upgrading your camps lab troops spell factory first.

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    sounds good, I should focus a bit more on the army since those are the only things I didn't max.

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