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Thread: Red Eclipse is looking for active adult players.

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    Red Eclipse is looking for active adult players.

    Red Eclipse #PYCY20LG is a L14 active war clan. We do back to back wars and currently our log is as follows: Wars 434 of which we have Won 350 and lost 84 with no draws.

    Most of the clan members are from the USA but some are from Australia, Israel and South Africa so you can join even if you are not from USA. We are a bunch of laid back players who play to enjoy the game but we do take it seriously and we love to end the enemy’s long war win streaks.

    We used to participate in MLCW and NDL league and we want to start recruiting new clan members so that we can build a strong war roster again and participate in future League wars again.

    We are looking to recruit non rushed adult players with high hero levels
    Requirements to join:
    TH - K/Q/W
    TH9 – 20/20
    TH10 – 35/35
    TH11 – 45/45/10
    TH12 – 55/55/25

    We us the discord app for all war attack calls, planning, announcements etc. so to be a part of the clan discord is a must.

    To Apply join our discord Recruitment server
    A co-leader will contact you and take it from there. We will give some friendly challenges to test your skills etc. but don’t stress if you aren’t a 3 star specialist as you won’t be kicked just for that otherwise I would have been kicked months ago.

    We complete all tiers in clan games to collect all the rewards.

    What are you waiting for join now and become part of our clan family.
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