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Thread: Rewards for the derby

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    Rewards for the derby

    It should be great to adapt the points of the columns to the numbers of participants at the derby
    For example this week in our team 3 participants 9600 points
    It is necessary to have 10 000 points to have the last column
    It's not fair

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    Try playing solo if you want ‘not fair’. 10*320 tasks. 4 Horseshoes. It’s rubbish.
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    I agree we should get all the lines

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    It's not an oversight that you need a minimum of 4 to get the last horseshoe. The bigger your NH, the less points per person you need.

    This has been discussed often (fairness, social, teamwork, blahblah) and the situation is not likely change any time soon. If you really want that last horseshoe (the best one!), add a friend to make 4, or raise a baby farm to 18 and join the derby.

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