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Thread: Th9 heros q25 k22 everything else maxed looking for a clan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Truest1r View Post
    Hi I'm a max th9 currently working on maxing my heros. I'm looking for a clan that takes war seriously, but doesn't expect every attack to be a 3 star. I'm a very active player with 3 accounts. I donate huge, my donation account is a rushed th12, has over 200k donations and grows by over 10k a season and does not war.

    This is my main account right now
    King Richard

    I also have a new th9 with over 500 war stars. I take war seriously to the point where if people attack the wrong base or go in without a war army it bothers me, but failed attacks dont bug me in the least as long as people are trying. I always max out at least 1 account in clan games, and have maxed all three in the past just so the clan got top tier rewards. I have been coleader in a couple clans and have taken to running many wars in the past so I know how wars are won, however I'm not out here looking for a clan to make me a co. If your looking for a serious mature clasher with over 1000 combined war stars that can take a joke I might be what your looking for.
    sent u a friend request bro, we're what you're looking for..

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    Your playing style sounds like lots of others in our clan so I'm sending you a PM. I hope you will check is out. Weare Casterly Pebble (#8LG20829, lvl 16, 535 wins). We are recruiting TH9s - TH12s.We have common sense rules and a relaxed, supportive environment. We are palswith Casterly Rock #R8C2GQ. We require the use of Discord (we use it to callbases). We are full of working adults and understand that balancing act! If youare looking for this kind of clan, check us out.

    Apply in-game. Visit us on Discord:
    YouTube/Twitter: LexLionHearted Clan Website:

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    Hey Cheif. . . .

    We are now Recruiting from TH9+ (3 STAR ATTACKERS). So if you are looking for Not Much Pressure War Clan, Please do join us.

    Apply Here: ""


    1. Use both attacks (MUST)
    2. Before being in war, show your strategies in FC(Friendly Challenges)
    3. Try to Discuss bases & Strategies.
    4. You can't be in War if your Heroes are Upgrading.
    5. Respect & No Harsh Languages.
    6. Balance Donation Ratio (Ask for troops as much but don't exceed more than your Donate)
    7. Don't forget to enjoy your time

    TownHall Required

    1. TH8: All Troops must MAX. Knowledge of 3 Starring Your level of Bases
    2. TH9: Hogs lvl5, Loons lvl6, Golem lvl3+, Valks Lvl3+, Lava Lvl2, Heroes 25/25+. [Goho, Golaloon, Govaho/Lo, Queenwalk]
    3. TH10: Troops Max, Heroes: 30/30+
    4. TH11: Troops(Th10s level), Heroes: 35/35+

    We hope to see you be the part of us and having good times in war and love attacks
    IGN: Hunz | Leader of Metallic Rain | Status: TH10 Heroes Lvl 35+ | Kik username: Hunzkrazy

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