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Thread: Variable base designs

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    Variable base designs

    Here is a thought..

    As most players know.. There are a finite amount of base designed per TH level. 7 out of 10 bases are pre-manufactured and posted all over the internet. This promotes lack of creativity and uniqueness among the bases.

    So, that said.. what if..

    SC introduced "bonus" tiles for gathering. (mechanic is already in place with the rocks and trees and such)

    IE.. a square on the map has a tiny piece of gold visible on the map. If you place your mine here, it will increase your gold harvesting by 1 gold. (per tick, per hour.. whatever)

    You can do the same for each TH level.

    Now, you can add a twist.. Each new TH level, the "Bonus" tiles can be re-shuffled on the map. you can either add enough Bonus tiles for each gatherer by type.. or only a few.

    Anyway, just a thought on how to add some creativity to those that dare...

    I welcome all feedback (less so flames)

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