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Thread: Level 27 Queen?

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    Question Level 27 Queen?

    Hi Friends,

    Can anyone tell me as to how strong is a Level 27 Queen for Queen Walk? I'm a TH10 with not all max troops.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Depends on the defenses you are attacking. Thatís a little low to be hitting max level th 10 point defenses but fine if youíre farming 9s and rushed 10s imo

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    Check clash of clans wiki for stats

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    Iím a th9 fully maxed besides heroes (king going to 23, queen to 28) From experience I can tell you that if you know what youíre doing a level 27 queen should do the trick.

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    Its quite nice for a max th9 bases. But against infernoes of lvl2-3 it can sucks easily.

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    for looting that's enough, you can clean up half of the resource mines with a queen walk. But for war you need at least 35 at th10.

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    Lvl27 queen IMO won't stand even against 3 maxed archer towers at th10 without rage but it completely depends on what layout are you attacking and how much it is maxed....but with QW bowitch you don't really need a big QW and I think with seige you can three star a max th10 much easily but completely depends on the base you're hitting.

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    Level 27 is pretty decent.

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    Level 27 Queen? Not bad.

    Due to the Queen’s AI, you should know that she is only capable of doing short walks before she starts hitting a wall. Queen Charge on the other hand is really good; your Queen appears to be powerful enough for it. Be sure to bring 2 rages to keep her alive.
    1) I sometimes bring 30 wall breakers to my raids, no lie. Half the walls in the base are destroyed, all it takes is one, maybe 2 rages. Maybe they need a nerf instead of <insert troop here>?

    2) ďA picture is worth a thousand words.Ē A replay of an attack is worth a lot more.

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    Yep. Decent enough. But when enemy queen strikes(30+) queen won't stand without triggering abilty

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