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Thread: Banned account??

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    Banned account??

    I recently have my phone reset.....and in doing so i cant remember the password i have for the email adress i use for many things. .including google play account for ckash of clans. Also the phone number i have linked to that email i no longer have due to email being very im in astruggle to gain access to my email...... I make a tiny base so i can messahe the guy in game at the support part i am trying to verify my account and i give certain info that only the account holder would know....only....and i go backonline today to carry on messaging the support guy. And tday i see that my account has been permanently banned due to "pshing account" its an absolute joke. A basically fully maxed t.10 that has just gone to t.h 11..... I think this is a joke

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    1) Does your email have a recovery email?

    2) Keep contacting support and, if what you said is true, tell them you have not done anything against TOS

    3) Not sure if this sub will help you much, not even Supercell because it is a Google email, and you should contact them instead for a lost password.

    Best of luck to you!
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