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Thread: Please help me with my th8 Rushed base!

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    Exclamation Please help me with my th8 Rushed base!

    Every time i go into battle i have no good troops and my defense is so bad i have no gold when i come back on.
    I would also like to know a good strategy as i haven't play for 2 years

    My Base's Specs:

    4x level 6 archer towers
    5x Level 7 cannons
    CC level 2
    2x air defense 1x level 2 1x level 3
    3x mortars level 2
    2x wizard tower level 2
    1x tesla level 1
    1/2 gold 1/2 pink walls
    Most of my collectors are level 9 and most below 9
    all my camps level 5
    dark elx. level 1 and 1 drill
    all gold storage's level 10
    all elx storage level 10
    1x barracks level 6
    2x barracks level 3'
    1x barracks level 9
    1x dark barracks level 2
    spell factory level 3 (max)
    lab level 5
    barb level 4
    archer level 3
    giant level 3
    goblins level 2
    wall breaker level 2
    balloon level 2
    wizard level 3
    healer level 1
    dragon level 2
    minion level 1
    hog level 1
    builders 0/2
    elx: 870k
    gold: 1.6m
    gems: 193


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    There is a secret to successfully fixing a rushed base. It comes in two steps:
    1. Play the game. I mean play a lot. Learn how to use a cheap farming army and raid, raid, raid. There are lots of good videos on simple farming strategies like BARCH and such. Donít be scared to press next as long as it takes to find a base with good loot. The bottom line is you wonít progress if you donít play.

    2. Patience. Farming resources and completing upgrades takes time. CoC is a game you commit years to playing. Between recent upgrade time reductions, clan games, trader, magic items, and events, upgrading and advancing takes less time than ever before. If you play regularly for a month or so Iíd bet that you are nearly caught up defense wise. Pick a troop combo you like and only upgrade those troops. Donít forget to max your Barbarian King and donít go to th9 until you have caught up!

    Good luck!
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    Hi, my tips are:
    1. Don't use your gems for anything save them up for builders.
    2. Since you don't have powerful troops upgrade your clan castle and get troops for your clanmates or if you aren't in a clan go to req and leave clans to get troops.
    3. Upgrade your barbarian and archer because they are so cheap to train so you can attacking using barch strategy: get 90 barbs 90 archers and put them all around the base to destroy the collectors and get the easy loot, search for someone who's collectors are full. You might loose or win with this strategy but try to get the star bonus everyday you can use other good strategy to get 3 stars like dragons to get stars for the star bonus.
    4. I recommend you upgrading your air defenses first since you will get crushed easily by dragons if they are low level and try to make a good th8 farming base, you can search for a design online.
    5. And most importantly clash everyday. I hope I was useful.

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    The very first thing is to upgrade your gold, elixir, and de collectors. Max them out.
    Meanwhile max the storages too.
    Until then forget your defences.
    Loot with goblins, wbs, and giants, or use another army suggested above.
    Upgrade your air defenses. Upgrade walls constantly.
    After these steps you will find it very easy to fix it.

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    Hi there,
    I was a th 8 and in the exact same state as you were in january of this year so i can completely connect to this. I was in a worser state than you so don't get discouraged( Had not even unlocked healers or rage). One of the main things that helped me to recover was a good donating clan. Try to be in an active donating clan with strong troops to compensate for your weak troops.Be an active member in the clan to prevent you from being kicked. Always use barch to farm and try to get into the gold league. This is because gold league offers tons of resources when compared to silver. When you get enough gold, always upgrade ur air defenses and when you get elixir, always prioritize farming troops, army camps, and lab upgrades. Clan games will drastically help you if your clan does good in them. Enough effort will get you un-rushed in no time! It took me till last month to become a maxed th8 and now i am a new th 9. Good luck!

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