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Thread: Rocket Launchers

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    Rocket Launchers

    Why is it that Rocket Launchers only fire 6 rockets and then have to re-load when the level 13 Rocket Launchers have 8 firing cylinders?

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    Are you requsting then that the graphics on the Level 13 and 14 RLs be changed to show only 6 firing tubes so that number of tubes match number of rockets fired per salvo?

    Or, are you requesting that Level 13 and 14 launchers be changed to fire 8 rockets per salvo, lowering damage per rocket to keep current DPS as it is?

    Agree, as it is seems not to make sense. I just assume that the extra two tubes are not for rockets, but contain some advanced aiming or tube cooling mechanism. Do not know if that is true or not, but it at least allows my mind to reconcile the difference that you point out, and then live with it.
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