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Thread: Feature to exchange coins for diamonds

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    Feature to exchange coins for diamonds


    When playing to the farm, it is a lot more difficult to obtain diamonds than coins:
    - Diamonds are available only randomly or by buying them with real $/.
    - Coins can easily be earned by working in the farm and selling the products in the RSS, the truck, the boat, etc. and they can also be bought with real $/.

    Now I have millions of coins, but I always have difficulties to earn diamonds, which is painful and unfair. Sometimes, I would like to buy some decor features that are sold against diamonds, and I can't because I don't wand to exceed my limits in spending real $/. But I still have more than 8 millions of coins that are completely unsuseful.

    I suggest that Supercell adds a feature allowing players to swap coins for diamonds.

    Considering the price for coins and diamonds when we buy them with real $/, a diamond should cost around 425 coins.
    It would be fair to give us a feature allowing to get 1, 10, 100 or 1000 diamonds for repectively 500, 4750, 45000, 425000 coins, for example.

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    I am afraid that this will never ever happen. Supercell needs diamond sales for real money to be a viable business - Imagine the money the company would lose by allowing us to buy diamonds with in game currency....
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    Well the high level players are complaining about no sink for coins. 1:425 is out of the question. Maybe something like 10 million coins to 1 diamond will work. You can't generate enough coins to make a dent on SC's income, and gives the high levels something to work towards.

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    Thank you for your replies. I understand that diamonds are a source of revenue for SC and that they have to maintain some level of frustration to expect people to buy diamonds with real money.
    Nevertheless, they also have to find a compromise, because too much frustration causes some people to simply leave the game.
    I agree that 425 coins for 1 diamond may be too low price, but 10 millions coins for 1 diamond is a bit high... Maybe 1 million coins for 100 diamonds would be a good rate.

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    1 million for 100 diamonds ... never ... 1 million for 1 diamonds yes, for high player, it's really easy to make one million ...
    and if you give diamonds at your rate, be sure of one thing, we will never ever succeeded one global goal ... the people will never play that again because they can have it more easily by making money ... No, you have to find a rate that motivate the high players to do it, but without causing a crash to the balance of the game ...

    And sorry, but your rate will do it certainly ...
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