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Thread: Th11 seeking competitive, but laidback war clan

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    We War with 10+ TH12s every war!!!

    We have HIGH LVL HEROES and WAR STARS and so should you!

    We war 24/7 and have completed EVERY clan games to 100% completion.

    Adults only (21+), USA based

    LVL 16 Cato Comeback (#92RU90VL)

    Hi, I am Cato, the Leader of Cato Comeback. We are a WAR FOCUSED clan who only wants 24/7 WARRIORS.

    I am a Th12 with 2370 war stars! My coleaders are skilled, mature players with war stars ranging between 1000-2000+. We all have very strong heroes and walls. With over 400 war wins, we are three star specialists! If this sounds like you, come check us out!

    The TWO MAIN focuses of our clan are WAR and CLAN GAMES. Participation in both of these is required. This means that clannies in Cato Comeback must maintain a higher than average level of activity. We are all expected to pull our weight, and I will kick ANY clannie who brings the team down.

    We have very few rules and our #1 priority is having fun, followed closely by #2 WIN WARS!

    We war 24/7 and have completed EVERY clan games to 100% completion.

    SAY, “CATO SENT ME” and be ready to provide your age and country

    Thank you!

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    the clan is #V9YL2VL0. we like mucking around and all good mates but if you wanna join we'll be happy to have you

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    Red Eclipse #PYCY20LG is a L14 active war clan. We do back to back wars and currently our log is as follows: Wars 434 of which we have Won 350 and lost 84 with no draws.

    To Apply join our discord Recruitment server

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    This is your new home ☕️

    Reddit Phoenix (#P9YQRY8)is a level 16 relaxed environment war clan looking for additional members to join our war roster.

    - English speaking and mostly North American based
    - No engineering in wars
    - Long standing and experienced players
    - 100% clan games reward completion
    - 405+ War Wins
    - 3 wars a week
    - Social members and active donations
    - 3 star strategies (no GoWipe)
    - Voted 2017 best clan by your mom

    - TH10-12
    - Non rushed base
    - Appropriate hero levels compared to base weight
    - Both heroes up for war (unless opted out)
    - Uses both attacks in war
    - Willingness to use Groupme chat app and Clashcaller to make war calls
    - Willing to do a minimum of 7 wars a month
    - Doesn’t use Axe body spray
    - Willing to lie and say this dress doesn’t make me look fat

    Please apply in game with the message "Phoenix recruit" for consideration. Applicants without this message may be denied out of fear of war spies. We look forward to seeing you!

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    Hi Givemecoffee! (Nice name...)

    Come check out MOUNTAINBEARS (#2VV9Q88V)! We're a Level 16 Clan with many devoted (and somewhat addicted) players! We're part of a large family called the Bear Family ( and we do arranged wars, in-house family wars, friendly-challenge tournaments, etc. We're extremely active, love to war, farm, and get drunk! We are an Adults (21+)-only clan so we have no kids. We'd love to have you! Come check us out! Please apply with "From the Forums" and one of our Elders or CoLeads will interview you!

    Sahmi Soldier

    Sahmi Soldier
    Mountainbears (#2VV9Q88V)
    Mountainbears Forum Thread

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    Come and hang out and chill. you don't have to be chatty etc. do you both war attacks when in war.


    MY player ID is #PRCVRUUR check me out.

    We are an international based 3* war clan who strives for success. We Currently have over four hundred and sixty war wins.

    General Information

    ◦ We do not kick people if they do not get 3*s all the time, nobody is perfect and we will work with you to develop your attacks and make them as consistent as we can!
    ◦ We do back to back wars and have an occasional break for one day only
    ◦ One day break is to gather some resources, get your hero upgrades in etc

    If you have any further questions or if I have missed anything out, inbox me on forums, or join 'Ignite Fury' #982LUU09 AND PLEASE MENTION YOU ARE FROM FORUMS! Tell them JB sent you.

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    3 Star specialist clan recruiting Th9's to Th11's

    Elysium of wars (#LCRVPQRV)
    Established in 2016, by innovative war passionates (currently 30 members). Now Level 10 Clan!
    Highest Win Streak was 26 in 2017 (TH11 and all)! Best recent win streak was 9 in July 17 2018!
    Originally, Elysisum of wars' origins go back to a couple of 3 star fanatics from the Netherlands. Overtime we have grown to include members from all over the world, including America, UK, EU mainland and Asia.

    We are mostly made up of relaxed adult players, some students going to through the woe of college and others with jobs and family life to balance around this fantastic game. Our age group covers 16-50+!
    We currently war everyday but participation is never forced upon you.
    We do respect the 'Opt-out' option, and are a Fair Play Clan.
    Th 9 are alright to war with 1 hero down to promote progression! We still win anyways

    Our only demands as a clan are :-
    Must be able to speak English (for war and requests). Conversing with local friends is allowed reasonable freedom.
    Mature, respectful and friendly to all.
    Active donations.
    If you COMMIT to war, you FULFIL your attacks.
    Hero levels are reasonable for your base progression.
    HAVE FUN especially with friendly challenges and having free coaches for your war strats.

    What you will find within Elysium of wars :-
    Lovely international mix of genuine fun loving people =)
    Encouragement and Loyalty. Guidance to 3 starring max th your same level with ease is always available upon request.
    We believe that all players should enjoy the game above all else. The only way to improve, is through enjoyment, and therefore the willingness to get better. That includes encouraging 3 star attack strategies.
    A desire to win wars and draw long green lines!

    What you won't find within Elysium of wars :-
    Ego's and empty promises.
    Huge pressure to 3 star on all your war attacks, or else you are out! We will guide you.
    Childish behaviour. Warriors, not kids.
    Facebook chat. We have jobs and families, and while we like to be in touch, there's a realistic line!

    Elysium of wars has a streak of 90% wins, and there's a reason for that. We are not a here today, gone tomorrow clan.

    Re : Clan Games. Thus far, we have completed every Clan Games and achieved the maximum reward tiers!

    If our clan sounds like the kind of atmosphere you would enjoy, then please see details in my signature below. A warm friendly welcome is guaranteed! Contact us in game with the password "SENT BY ATA" or PM me.

    Credit goes to SKRAGS for inspiring me to come on the forum to recruit some great people.

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    Sent you a PM

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