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Thread: New th10

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    New th10

    So i am a pretty new th10, conpletely maxed out for th9, and i need a good war army, anyone know what i can use, i am bad at lavaloon and valks so dont bring that up

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    If you are a war player, go for Giants and bowlers, along with few witches. They can wreck havoc.

    Master Queen walk. It can be combined with any strategy you use.
    watch on youtube,about other different attack strategies.

    Don't drop infernos too fast if you are going to war often. Better to keep war weight a little low.
    Focus on offense, and then slowly start with defenses.
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    Upgrade your clan castle and and spell factory. If you want to 3 star a th9 easily try using 9 drags and loons and 4 lightning spells to take out 2 air defenses and use siege with heroes to destroy the third air defense. the final air defense crush it with a rage spell with drags.

    If you want to attack a th10 i recommend training and mastering queen walk and use it with whatever combination of:
    1. witch giant bowlers
    2. golem valk wiz hogs in cc(for lower level th10s)
    3. I was personnaly using queen walk 1 pekka 8 valks golem 3 wiz 8 bowlers but the strategy is when your troops get maxed out.

    I hope i was useful.

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