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Thread: The obliterator prototype

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    The obliterator prototype

    The obliterator prototype is a powerful cannon that can reach 9 more tiles than the doom cannon, how ever it does less damage than the doom cannon, it does 200 damage per second at max level, 1 hit per 5 seconds, the hp for the obliterator III is 30,000 hp, while for level 1 & 2 is 20,000 for level 1 and 25,000 for level two. Damages from level 1-2 are: 150 damage per second for level 2, and 100 damage per second for level 1.

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    Well, what do you guys think about this prototype idea?

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    So the range then is 18 tiles (Doom Cannon range) + 9 tiles for 27 tile range total. That then exceeds a Rocket Launchers range (25 tiles), while packing less punch than a level 1 Boom Cannon (290 DPS) or the same as a level 5 RL (199 DPS). Only real advantage it offers over those two is the 30k health, which is higher than a Doom Cannon.

    So if we then compare it to that DC, for +5k more health we get +9 range, yet far less DPS (4,500) and no splash damage. Not sure if people would deploy it under those circumstances if a DC was also available.

    Each proto are unique offerings with unique abilities. We have the DC in the role of a "high health, long range, high DPS" weapon.
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    Wait 290 per second or every time the boom cannon shoots?

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    Oh yea your right, it does an extra 160 damage

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