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Thread: The Powertron prototype

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    The Powertron prototype

    Ever had problems with people using warriors and private bullit destroying your base a lot? Try the powertron! The powertron is able to block the taunt ability bullit uses on building in the range of 11 tiles, while also giving buildings 10,000 extra health in max level. In level 1 & 2 the extra health boost goes down to 7,500 health for level 2 and 5,000 health for level 1. The hp for levels 1-3 of this prototype are: 20,000-27,000-33,000. I think with this prototype, it would lower down bullitís powerful taunt ability that warrior rush players use a lot more.

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    What do you guys think?

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    Goes against supercell ways, adding a defense directly to counteract a single ability. Prototypes existing may be specialised to dealing with particular strategies, but never as a direct nerf to individual abilities. The health increasing aspect could be explored, though, maybe granting extra health or damage reduction into surrounding defensive​ buildings.
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