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Thread: The Air-Flame prototype

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    The Air-Flame prototype

    The Air-Flame prototype that at max level, can do 110 damage per second, it does 1 hit in 2 seconds, and has splash damage the radius of a normal mine in Boom Beach, that does a after burn for 3-5 seconds doing 15 damage per second. Level 1 & 2 Air-Flamers does 85 damage for the level 2 air-flamer, and 55 damage for the level 1. The range of the Air-Flamer is half the range of a grappler. The hp of the Air-flamer’s 1-3 is: 16,000-23,000-28,000. It could be great against kinda weaker troops like the warriors, riflemen, zookas, cryoneers, grenadiers, and critters. It will shoot balls of fire upon the troops.
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    What do you guys think?

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    So I think it is a bit too op but I dunno, I want to know if it is or not.

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